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Why exhibit?

The Chocolate Show is the UK’s biggest event dedicated to chocolate, a true trend-setter dedicated to the profession and the must-see event for all chocolate lovers.

30,000 visitors are expected throughout 3 days.

Over 110 participants will be gathering together on 4,000sqm exclusively dedicated to chocolate and cocoa.
Themed around chocolate, cocoa, ice cream, pastry and confectionary, exhibitors’ stands are the heart of the Show and host British and international chocolatiers, artisans, manufacturers and producing countries.


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10 good reasons to join The Chocolate Show

  • Raise your profile and build brand awareness
  • Drive sales during and post-show

  • Launch and test your new products live and receive feedback immediately
  • Find new customers clients
  • Meet with industry’s professionals
  • Retain and mantain relationships with customers
  • Be at the heart of the chocolate industry trends: get informed and inspired

  • Benefit from year round exposure through our social 
media towards a captive and powerful community

  • Being involved in an event with a strong brand image and exceptional media coverage

  • Find new business opportunities and build partnerships

Check out the Salon du Chocolat worldwide


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